Creating a Customer-Centric Marketing Plan

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to be a customer. Think about your past interactions with vendors and shops, you may not have realized how big of an impact
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Major Trends in 2017 You Need to Know Now

2017 has brought in a lot of changes for businesses and consumers. Keeping up with this year’s major trends could help you and your business succeed. Here are the
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A Small Gesture That Will Go a Long Way

In the mostly digital society that we live in today, writing an email or sending a message to someone doesn’t take much thought or effort anymore. Oftentimes, emails and
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Personalization and Why it is SO Important

                                            Why is personalization so important? Your customers want
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Some of the Best Holiday Marketing Strategies by the Companies We Know and Love!

We all have our favorite things about the holidays. Things that once we see it, brings us back to our childhood and straight into the holiday mood! Here are
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What is SEO and Why is it So Important?

Technology is constantly changing and upgrading itself. If you are looking to make yourself known on the internet and want to gain more of a web presence, then you
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How to Use the Holidays to YOUR Advantage

The holidays are the best time to make first time clients your NEW regulars. The holiday time is when people either stick with their normal customers OR branch out
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Mobile Friendly Websites: How Important are They??

  A lot of people have taken the next step in making sure that their website is both mobile and app friendly. But there are still a handful of
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Are Coupons Effective?

Yes! Everyone has heard of Coca-Cola, which might not be the case if it was not for Coca-Cola founder, Asa Candler’s, genius idea.  Coca-Cola has come a long way from
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How to Use Facebook Live at YOUR Business!

Facebook has been hit by this crazy new option of live streaming! It went from posting statuses to checking in your location, to now live streaming and showing your
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