Food Mobile Apps Worth the Download


If you love food just as much as we do, you could gain a thing or two from these companies, both from a marketing standpoint and a consumer standpoint. They know how to take advantage of the mobile application platform. From creating loyal customers to boosting sales, to even giving consumers the best deals, these apps are worth the download.

  • Starbucks: Leading the way as the No.1 downloaded app in the Food and Drink category, Starbucks knows how to take advantage of the convenience of a mobile app and the addiction created by a gamification effect. You can pay for your orders with a pass, order ahead, and even customize your own drinks. You collect stars for each order you make and the more you earn, the more rewards you get! More Starbucks with Starbucks? You can’t complain!

  • Dunkin Donuts: If you’re not a coveted Starbucks fan, don’t worry Dunkin’ has one too…and it’s just as good. You can also order ahead, pay with the app and customize your drinks. It makes the purchasing process so easy, consumers forget they’re spending money. When you order through the app, you also collect points which ultimately can earn you a free drink of any size and type. Plus, they have exclusive offers through the app as well.

  • McDonald’s: If you are craving fries, you will most likely find a coupon under their weekly deals to get you those delicacies for an even better value, if not free! There are constantly new deals not only created to promote new items but also to help customer’s give in to their favorite temptations. Don’t know if there’s a McDonald’s near you? Don’t worry, their app will help you out too.

  • Chipotle Ordering App: This app is strategically targeted for us lazy consumers who just want their chipotle ready and done right when we arrive at one of their locations. With this app, you can pick out exactly what you want, in your desired amounts and with whatever sides you’re heart asks for. It’ll tell you when it’s ready too, so there’s no need to waste time not laying on the couch!

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