Halloween Marketing Strategies


Halloween is a time to bring in your clients and customers with a little Halloween fun! We all know having great relationships with clients is a way to ensure that they will be loyal and come to you with all of their needs. Holidays are super helpful when it comes to giving your clients a little extra love that they deserve. Bring attention to your company by creating Halloween fun that your clients are sure to love! Here are a few Ideas!

Set pumpkins for Halloween. Set of spooky halloween jack o lanterns. Halloween pumpkin orange scary holiday jack o lanterns symbol. Funny halloween pumpkin jack o lantern face vector set.

Picture Conthalloween pumpkin witch french bulldog dog inside a pumpkin dressed as a bad devil isolated on white backgroundests!

Costume Contests are essential this time of the year! Have your clients send in pictures of their office dressed up for the spooky day of Halloween.

Pumpkin Carving Contest! Have them send in their best carved pumpkins!

Pet Pictures! Everyone LOVES animals and what is cuter than animals in costumes?!

All of these ideas are great ways to get your customers pumped and excited for your company. And the winner will get featured on the social media. Throw in a treat for them to really get motivated! Halloween doesn’t have to be just a kids’ holiday and it will bring some positivity to your office and your clients office.  Contact Media Monkey today at (630) 773-4402 for all of your marketing questions and see what ideas they can bring to YOUR business!