Top 5 Noteworthy E-mail Subject Lines to Admire

Ever feel compelled to open an e-mail, even though you know it’s just a company promoting more products, just because the subject line was so great? These companies are doing e-mail marketing right, and typically dedicate a team to come up with the catchiest phrases to entice you to open their digital letter. Here are just a few we admire:

  1. Groupon: “Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)”

    • Humor can be hard to pull off, but mixing something unexpected with a play on words can lead to the right combination. Groupon did us proud.
  2. JetBlue: “You’re missing out on points.”

    • JetBlue takes advantage of what kids now refer to as FOMO (fear of missing out). Naturally, people don’t like the idea of getting left out of things, especially nowadays where everything is so closely connected.
  3. Manicube: “*Don’t Open This Email*”

    • Ever heard of reverse psychology? Because someone tells you not to do something, you now suddenly have the urge to do it because you want to find out why you shouldn’t in the first place. Manicube tells us not to open their e-mail, but why? Only one way to find out…
  4. Kate Spade: “Your Mother Would Love to Hear from You”

    • What a better way to promote Mother’s day sales with a little slip of motherly guilt. Take what you know about the subject and use the human connection to create a relatable subject line.
  5. Amazon: “Amazon Prime Day Deals: $130 Echo, $80 Double Hammock, $112 Grill & More”

    • Sometimes being straightforward and informative is just as effective as creative. Take your best and most popular deals and highlight them in your subject line.

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