Websites for over 20 Years

As we were going through our Archives the other day we found an exciting publication from the Fall of 1997. The first website designed by the Golden Seal Group, the parent company of Media Monkey, Media Monkey is now entirely responsible for website development, but our team working here has been proudly developing websites for over 20 years.

The website contained 130 pages of information about products and services as well as a blog to educate consumers about picking a contractor and how to efficiently run your HVAC equipment.

It is amazing to read the article today and see how the concept behind a great website stands true since 1997. Launching a website is only half the battle; maintaining and keeping up with the website, while advertising, is what really makes a website stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Check out pages 8-9 in the article below and learn about this major turning point for modern day advertising and marketing.