How to Build a Website

Responsive Web Design

Well the easiest answer is to call Media Monkey.  By the end of this article you might be agreeing with that statement.

Modern websites are extremely complex, that is, if you want them to bring in more business.  There are many businesses on the web now that allow anyone to make their own website with simple or free website builders.  The problem with this style of website design or using a graphical website builder is that the website is not optimized for the modern search engines, today’s online community, or the devices your customers are using to get online.  It is best to build your company a robust stand-alone website that does not rely on another business’s website builder to properly function.

Step 1 – Come up with a unique domain that markets your business.  A good domain name should be short and easy for your customer to remember.  A short meaningful domain name is always going to be your best bet but in some cases your only option is to use a longer domain name. Media Monkey has the ability to research what domain name will be the most effective for a business.

Step 2 – Set up a method to host your website with a server that is capable of handling your expected customer capacity and demand.

Step 3 – Develop your website! While developing your site, make sure that you are following today’s standards so that search engines will index your site.  If today’s standards are not properly followed your site may be flagged as spam site or as a website with poor reputation and you may be blocked from many of the most popular search engines.

Step 4 – Launch your website and continue routine maintenance.  Routine maintenance is going to be the most important part to making sure that your website remains relevant.  It is recommended that a website is monitored daily in order to best know how users are interacting with the site so that it can continue to be optimized.  All websites, no matter how simple, should always be receiving at least monthly updates, to keep the site listed on search engines and protect against viruses and hackers.

Building a website is a big undertaking and one best left to professionals.  If the “rules” of the web are not properly followed, you can permanently ruin your online reputation with the search engines and the online community making it impossible to gain customer visits to your website.  Every website that Media Monkey develops goes through extensive testing to make sure that it is compatible on all web browsing devices and fully optimized for today’s search engines and web browsers.  Check out all the great options that we have available to help you build your website today!