How to Use Facebook Live at YOUR Business!

Facebook has been hit by this crazy new option of live streaming! It went from posting statuses to checking in your location, to now live streaming and showing your audience what it is that you’re up to! While it is fun for your personal life, it DOES have benefits in your business life that you can gain from! Here are 3 ways to incorporate Facebook Live into your business life that will have your clients begging for more!

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  1. Use Facebook live to show the “behind the scenes at _______”

Give your clients the exclusive look at what happens back at your office. Having a personal touch to your website is something that people strive for. Live stream right before a meeting to let your clients know BIG things are coming their way!


  1. Daily Updates

Give a morning update to what is going on at your business! Today at _____ we are working hard at _____. You will get a “fan base”, people will tune in every day just to know what your business is doing today.


  1. Livestream Big Events

When your business is out traveling or having a special event, live stream it! For your clients who’ve can’t tune in at that moment, they will still get to see all the excitement they’ve missed and know they NEED to be there next time. Make your presence known and show your audience what they could be involved in and what they are missing out on. Releasing a new project? Getting a press release ready is the traditional way  BUT streaming it LIVE will make it even better! Make it as huge as the new product is going to be!

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