The Rise of Mobile Marketing


Smartphones are on a steady incline. In response to this, marketers are turning towards new and exciting ways to capture audiences based on the current technologies being used by consumers. 64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind. Younger adults tend to be more dependent on their smartphone – using it for online banking and job-related activities. 46% of smartphone users say they could not live without their phones. Furthermore, 93% believe it is a helpful tool. *

How do all of these statistics relate to us as marketing professionals and you as the client? In a variety of ways! We can target tech devices based on the area code or the zip code. Geo-Grid Marketing allows for customers to be sent push notifications or text alerts whenever they pass your business through Proximity Marketing. This allows for a radius as small as 50 feet and as large as the world.

For those using the internet on their smartphone, creating an online ad network enables us to narrow down your ads to specific zip codes. Additionally, keyword searches can result in ads showing up in search engines, websites, and other apps that support ad networks.

And you cannot forget about Apple Wallet (formerly ‘Passbook’) and Samsung Wallet. This is a great feature of smartphones that allows the consumer to carry their usual paper and plastic items such as credit cards, coupons, tickets, boarding passes, etc. all in one digital place. Now your business can send a coupon directly to a customer’s phone and it will be stored within their Wallet. This is a low-cost way to push promotions and generate business.

Media Monkey can offer every product listed above and more. If you have any questions on mobile marketing, or if you’d like to speak with our sales team, please call us at (630) 773-4402 or send us an email at [email protected].

*All statistics based on Pew Research Center’s 2015 study on smartphone usage.