Halloween Marketing Strategies

Halloween is a time to bring in your clients and customers with a little Halloween fun! We all know having great relationships with clients is a way to ensure
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6 Principles of Marketing

When you are looking to effectively market and promote your business, it helps to have a solid idea of what to look for in a marketing agency. At Media
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Can you Facebook?

Facebook is a great social media platform your business can use to connect with its target audience. However, just because you can be found on Facebook, doesn’t mean will
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Brand Identity

Having a strong brand identity is SO important when it comes to having a successful business! What is brand identity, you may ask? Brand Identity is the “name, term,
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How to Build a Website

Well the easiest answer is to call Media Monkey.  By the end of this article you might be agreeing with that statement. Modern websites are extremely complex, that is,
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Marketing Abbreviations You Need to Know

Have you ever found yourself on social media or in a texting conversation when someone starts speaking in abbreviations? You scramble to look up what they actually are saying
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Tasked with Cold Calling? Prep Beforehand with These Strategies!

If the thought of cold calling prospective clients terrifies you, this is the blog post for you! Below you will find several pre- and post-call tactics to ease your
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Not on Social Media? Here’s Why You Should Be

When you look around, nearly everyone is on their cell phones and most likely, social media. Social media is incredibly important to businesses. It’s an easy, cost effective way
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Build Strong Client Relationships

Most can agree that as a company, building strong relationships with clients is extremely important and essential. That being said, do you know all the ways to offer opportunities
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6 Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Website

Are you noticing a lull in the traffic coming into your website? Maybe your company is just starting up and you need to gain some ground in building your
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