Target Customers with Media Monkey®’s Golden Tickets

Looking to connect with active and potential customers and reach those closest to your restaurant? Media Monkey®’s Golden Tickets allow customers to redeem exclusive offers through their smartphone or
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Top 5 Noteworthy E-mail Subject Lines to Admire

Ever feel compelled to open an e-mail, even though you know it’s just a company promoting more products, just because the subject line was so great? These companies are
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Food Mobile Apps Worth the Download

If you love food just as much as we do, you could gain a thing or two from these companies, both from a marketing standpoint and a consumer standpoint.
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Major Trends in 2017 You Need to Know Now

2017 has brought in a lot of changes for businesses and consumers. Keeping up with this year’s major trends could help you and your business succeed. Here are the
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What is SEO and Why is it So Important?

Technology is constantly changing and upgrading itself. If you are looking to make yourself known on the internet and want to gain more of a web presence, then you
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Mobile Friendly Websites: How Important are They??

  A lot of people have taken the next step in making sure that their website is both mobile and app friendly. But there are still a handful of
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The Rise of Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are on a steady incline. In response to this, marketers are turning towards new and exciting ways to capture audiences based on the current technologies being used by
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