Mobile Marketing in the Year of 2021

What is Mobile Marketing and why is it so important, especially in the year of 2021?

Mobile Marketing is a technique used to target customers on their mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. If you’re not already using mobile strategies, you’re far behind your competitors.

Why is Mobile Marketing so important?

According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans have cellphones, while 85% of those users own a smartphone specifically.

If you have a smartphone, it’s most likely always in your hand, purse, or pocket.

The future is mobile.

Without Mobile Marketing, you’re missing out on an abundance of opportunity.

What are the different types of Mobile Marketing?

Digital advertising (shown left) displays your ads while customers browse online. These ads are promoted after customers search for similar terms, encouraging them to visit your site.

Location-Based Marketing sends customers targeted ads based on a time or location trigger. After setting a trigger, customers will be sent an exclusive deal directly to their device.

Customers can also receive Mobile Passes after scanning your a QR code, adding it to their smartphone.

We encourage you to take advantage of our social media services, SEO, email blasts, and other mobile campaigns. These will increase your return on investment and deliver better campaign performance overall!

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