Branding Techniques You Should Be Following

When you think of a brand, who do you think of? Maybe your head immediately goes to the golden arches of McDonald’s or the “Just Do It” brand Nike.

Have you ever wondered which techniques are used to give these brands the influence they have on consumers? Keep reading to find out!

Determine your target market.

It’s not about the “what” but the “who.” Your message risks being ineffective if you don’t know how to appeal to your customers in the first place. When you pinpoint your ideal customers, crafting a brand becomes much easier.

After you determine your audience, figuring out a tone of voice that will best appeal to them will lead your brand to success.

Establish your brand tone of voice and personality.

Some brands focus on humor to get their message across. Others play on your emotions with touching visuals and inspirational wording.

Nike is one of the best known users of inspirational tone of voice. Like the ad below, Nike is known for their minimalistic color palette and motivating phrases. The ad below reads “It’s only a crazy dream until you do it.” featuring a young Serena Williams.

They stay consistent in their advertising making it effective and recognizable.

Stay consistent.

If there is one thing you need to know about branding, it is the importance of consistency. Determining your primary colors, fonts, logos, etc. allows your brand to be easily recognizable.

This helps develop your brand’s “look” or personality. I’m sure we all know whose advertisement this is without even seeing their name!

Take advantage of appealing visuals.

When it comes to advertising, sometimes words aren’t enough. If you want to capture the attention of potential customers, determine the imagery you want to use and again, stay consistent with that style.

Be sure to choose images that are consistent with your brand’s tone of voice. Choose photos with similar lighting, emotions, filters, concepts, etc. and stick with that appeal.

Give your brand a competitive edge and adopt these techniques within your marketing strategies. Media Monkey® puts these techniques into motion and drives success for your company. Contact us today!

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