A Small Gesture That Will Go a Long Way


In the mostly digital society that we live in today, writing an email or sending a message to someone doesn’t take much thought or effort anymore. Oftentimes, emails and messages people send are simply skimmed through and deleted by the recipient. There’s a loss in personality and formality when it comes to writing to people online. More specifically, thanking someone, either in business or your personal life, shouldn’t be a quick check off your list of things to do. We at Media Monkey recommend writing handwritten thank you notes to those that you appreciate. Here’s why:


  1. It’s more personal.

When showing gratitude, it’s important to convey appreciation, not just text. Many people get excited when they see a letter in the mail with their name on it that isn’t a bill. Also, no two people have the same penmanship. Instead of using Times New Roman or Comic Sans to write someone, put a little bit of personality in your thank you note with your own handwriting. It will go a long way.

  1. It shows people you took time out of your day to appreciate them.

Typing up a message to someone could take as little as 15 seconds. Buying cardstock, handwriting a thoughtful message, and mailing it is a process that not many people go through to simply say “thank you.” It doesn’t have to be a long letter. Writing a note is a small gesture, yet it shows that you spent time thinking about this person and making sure they know you are thankful for them and what they do.

  1. It sets you apart.

Very few people send handwritten notes anymore. Most communication is done online. Being the one person that sends a note will make you stand out from the rest. Whether it’s after an interview, after a sale, or after a networking event, you will be remembered for sending a handwritten thank you note.

If you want to stand out and show people true appreciation, consider writing a thank you note. Want more tips or are not sure about what to include in your note for it to be most effective? Call Media Monkey today at (630) 773-4402 or send us an email at [email protected].