Media Monkey®’s Hazcom™ Application

OSHA requires that all businesses have Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in all restaurants. However, the traditional binder of Safety Data Sheets can be difficult to navigate in an emergency. In recognition of this, Media Monkey® is happy to bring you the Hazcom™ App. The Hazcom™ App puts restaurant safety knowledge in the palm of your hand and is readily available in an emergency. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones & tablets, the App offers a simple interface making it easy to find information when needed.

The Hazcom™ app will effectively replace any current binder in restaurants, stores or place of business, eliminates paper waste, and keeps the restaurant up to date on all available Safety Data Sheets, making the restaurant efficient and eco-friendly.

The application can provide a variety of valuable features such as safety videos, Safety Quick Reference, Quick Access to Poison Control, Safety Training, Safety Data Sheets, and Safety Tips & Best Practices.

These features make it easy to keep track of all safety information and provide a quick digital reference for employees and management. In the event of an emergency, the application has the option to share safety data sheets with others through Bluetooth, print, email, airdrop, and more.

Put restaurant safety knowledge in the palm of your hand. Download the Hazcom™ app for your business today. Contact Us today!