Organization = Productivity


Wpeaceful, organized deske all know organization is important. But how many of us are truly, actually organized? The average office employee spends 1.5 hours a day (6 weeks per year) looking for things.* While this statistic may not be applicable to you, perhaps you have a co-worker, friend, or family member with this unorganized, forgetful quality. Being organized not only makes us more efficient individuals, but also gives us a sense of peace and tranquility. For those with difficulty with clutter, below are 5 tips to become an organized all-star.

  1. Keep your desk clear and tidy. Often, the appearance of your desk can reflect what’s going on in your brain. A zen desk will assist in creating a zen mind. To avoid clutter piling up again and eliminate a frantic search party at a later date, sort paperwork as soon as it gets to your desk.
  2. Avoid multi-tasking. You may believe you are an expert multi-tasker and you very well may be. However, taking one task at a time can speed up the completion process. This means you’ll have more time to work on additional tasks and will be less likely to forget what is on your to-do list.
  3. If your to-do pile is overflowing, begin tackling this first. Create designated file folders to organize categories of paperwork. Having your materials organized will make it easier for you to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. As your to-do pile decreases, so will your stress level.
  4. Take a break. Oftentimes, employees feel bad about taking breaks, worrying they won’t finish work or that they will be perceived as ‘lazy.’ This is not the case. Taking a designated break allows your mind to clear and re-organize yourself. If you have been struggling with a problem, taking a breather will let your brain wander and seek potential solutions and ultimately lead to a higher productivity level.
  5. Use technology to your advantage. If it’s possible to sync up your phone’s calendar schedule, address book, and notes with your computer, this can assist with reminding you of any potential meetings and appointments coming up.

Do you have any tips on getting more organized at work? Leave us a comment below!