Is Out-of-Home Advertising Worth It?

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been around since the 1800s, originally displayed on street railways and sign-paintings. Over the last century, companies have taken advantage of more modern forms of this type of advertising.

As many marketing methods are moving online, companies may ask themselves if OOH advertising is worth it.

Although it’s up for discussion, Media Monkey® believes it is a strategy worth investing in.

Why does it work?

How many times have you read passing billboards or sponsored park benches?

OOH methods are known for their ability to reach a broad audience and customer base, whether they be men, women, young, old, single, married, etc.

OOH advertising has consistent viewership, with minimal to no limitations on what type of customer can see it.

What forms are most popular?

The most popular form of OOH advertising is billboards. These ads are commonly used as a directional to reach long-distance travelers, pointing them to the nearest locations for restaurants, lodging, or fuel.

A bus shelter is a curbside structure located along bus stop routes. Located in both rural and urban areas, bus shelter advertising can be seen by a wide array of consumers.

Advertising on the exterior and interior of rail lines delivers a high impact format for your message. These varying displays are seen above and below ground by passengers, ensuring consistent daily viewership.

How do I get started?

Media Monkey® can design and produce your OOH advertising almost immediately.

After contacting us, we will discuss your messaging, branding elements, customer base, and company approach to create the perfect out-of-home advertising for your business.