Millennials: The New Target Demographic

With millennials estimated to have 1.3 trillion dollars in buying power*, it might be a good idea to begin to learn more about this unique generation and how to effectively market to them. Below are some qualities that reflect the millennial mind-set to assist your company make the most informed marketing choices.

Honesty – Millennial consumers don’t want products enveloped in false advertising. They want social awareness causes to believe in and products they feel are good enough to share.

Interested in health, fitness and environment – This is great to know when thinking of key words in product/service descriptions and company mission statements. Millennials like key words such as fresh, organic, and all natural.

Community – 75% of millennials think it’s important for a company to give back to society in some way. Supporting the local community, buying local is a plus, and taking part in charity work is all part of the meaningful life experience driving millennials.

Marketing with mobile strategies – Millennials want to engage with companies online to feel a sense of authenticity and engagement. In order to build your loyal customer base, try using mobile marketing strategies to interact with your audience. Social media can be a platform for customers to reach out to companies with reviews, questions, comments, and concerns.

Convenience – Two-day shipping and instantaneous movies and TV shows are just a couple examples of the convenience millennials enjoy.

Brand loyalty – Give your brand a more human appearance! If you build a deep and meaningful relationship with your millennial customer base, you are likely to have formed a loyal following to the brand.

Reviewing blogs before making a purchase – Many millennials prefer reviewing blogs as oppose to TV news, advertisements, or books. They want an authentic opinion on the service or product through social media, not to be told directly by a company.

*According to Huffington Post