Amusing Marketing Tactics – Impressive or Ineffective?

Do some companies take creativity a little too far?

Over the years, businesses have launched marketing campaigns that make waves across the industry. Whether they push a play on words or emphasize irony, these strategies can be both amusing and entertaining.

Perhaps one of the earliest, and funniest, examples of amusing marketing campaigns was executed by Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs in 1916.

As hot dogs have a notorious reputation for being unhealthy, the creator of Nathan’s Famous needed to come up with a solution to bring customers in, despite the negative claims.

This young entrepreneur recruited “doctors” dressed in white coats shown eating hot dogs outside his restaurant. This appeal of credibility and association made the public think differently about Nathan’s Famous.

Where they really doctors? Did the public listen? Did customers really believe Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs weren’t as bad as they originally perceived?

Well… You tell me.

In 2019, Nathan’s Famous sold over 700 million hotdogs in one year.

The debate that comes into play is one of ethics and humor. Maybe it was a different time? What harm could it do?

Regardless of what you think about his marketing tactics, we can all agree he knew how to play his cards right. With over a century of success, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs is one of the leading producers of hot dogs in the United States.

Although amusement was a good path to take for Nathan’s Famous back in the day, there are a few things to consider when planning your own strategy.

Does this fit my brand’s personality? Is humor the path we want to take? Could this be taken the wrong way? Are there any negative outcomes that could unfold?

Be sure to stay consistent through your thread of advertising campaigns. Use creativity and humor to your advantage, and maybe you’ll have the same success as Nathan’s Famous does today.