Long Live Print Media Advertising


bigstock_High_resolution_conceptual_blu_19599602Some say print died with the introduction of the Internet. Magazines transitioned to websites, and newspapers competed with online articles. However, in the marketing world, printed materials still serve a significant purpose. In fact, the power of direct mail and printed advertisements remains strong when striving to acquire new customers. By targeting your customers at home through direct mail, you deliver a personal message and connect with them on a different level than attempting to catch their attention online. When you send out direct mail, you provide potential customers with a tangible object for them to stick on the fridge or keep on the kitchen table as a way to repeatedly remind them of your offers and your services. Our completely customizable direct mail designs will also connect your customers back to your website by including either a QR code or your website address. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have a website to advertise,” our talented team can help you with that too!

Media Monkey believes in the power of direct mail. Our uniquely sized postcards and eye-catching designs encourage customers to further research your company and to call to inquire about whether your services fit their needs. We will work with you to develop a database of addresses in order to target areas that are most likely to bring you the highest amount of business. Although the Internet is our present and future, it will never fully eliminate the need for printed materials. Call today to learn more about our direct mail services and to see what else Media Monkey can do for you!