The Power of 3 Words

SpeakingPromoting your business is essential for it to thrive in the present and in the years to come. To assist with your promoting, we have included our favorite 3 words you must use in your marketing because your success is important to us!

YOU – You. The audience. This is the most inclusive way to involve a current or perspective client into your message. It helps to know that you are reading something that came from a caring, interested human – not a machine. It can help you stand apart from the generalized messages that are prevalent within the marketing industry.

BECAUSE – Giving customers a reason not only helps them understand why you are doing something, but it shows that you care enough to offer that explanation. Those who offer an explanation are more likely to generate understanding from others.

AND – This is a great word to use to become most inclusive. Use ‘and’ in place of ‘but’ to seem as though you are agreeing when you actually are disagreeing. It allows you to put a more positive spin to the conversation instead of making the other person feel less inclined to speak. Additionally, it can allow you to introduce other services or products your company produces without disengaging the audience.

Using these 3 power words in your lingo will assist in building the trust of your audience. Don’t forget – Media Monkey has an amazing team that can assist you with any and all of your marketing needs!