3 “Outside the Box” Advertisements

When it comes to standing out while marketing your business, creativity is key. How do you stay creative in a world of advertising, when almost everything has been done?

When it comes to outside-the-box advertising, creating something that will stick with the customer far after the initial interaction is important.

Here are a few of our favorite innovative tactics that engage customers and keep them buzzing.

Media Monkey®’s Glasses-Free 3D

Our glasses-free 3D technology allows your ads to appear 3D without the use of glasses. This is a great way to show how your product works in motion or even display differing messages from the same advertisement, depending on where the viewer is standing.

You can make your ad come to life in various motions, including flip-flop, zoom, motion, and depth. We can even make your displays into 4k videos, taking performance to a whole new level!

Adhesive Bag Hangers®, Cup Stickies™, and more!

Media Monkey®’s adhesive marketing materials demand interaction from the customer and are much more effective than bag stuffers. Simply peel a sheet from the pad, and place on your to-go bags, cups, receipts, boxes, etc. In a case study we performed, our Bag Hangers® specifically were proven to have 100% interaction with customers, where bag stuffers that only received 4-7% interaction.

Through just a few quick and easy steps, your adhesive advertisement displays your message to every customer that makes a purchase at your store.

Targeted Hybrid Direct Mail

Our Hybrid Direct Mail service thinks outside the boundaries of traditional shared mail, taking custom to a whole new level. Hybrid Direct Mail arrives at residences as a solo mail piece unlike Shared Mail, which combines your mail with dozens of other companies’.

We gather combined data to “paint a picture” of your ideal customer, so that the hybrid mail system can then target those customers more effectively. After looking into your customer history and determining who is buying your products or services, we target the cities, towns or neighborhoods that are dense with the perfect customers for your business. (See below.)

We can design a custom postcard or coupon book, encouraging mail recipients to purchase your product or service!

These are only a few of the many examples of innovative advertising we produce right from our company to yours. Media Monkey® can help your business think outside the box and generate buzz with your own advertising. Give us a call today!