Some of the Best Holiday Marketing Strategies by the Companies We Know and Love!

We all have our favorite things about the holidays. Things that once we see it, brings us back to our childhood and straight into the holiday mood! Here are some of the best marketing campaigns that we have grown to love.

Macy’s window displays are a favorite for many, this campaign started in 1874.


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AND in 1924 Macy’s started their Thanksgiving Day parade


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Hershey’s started their holiday bell commercials in 1989

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In 1993, Coca Cola started their Polar Bear campaigns!

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In 1996, the M&M’s have their first encounter with Santa Claus

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In 1997, Starbucks started their Red Cup Campaign


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In 2005, Pampers Started their Silent Night Campaign

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In 2015,  Macy’s Yes, Virginia Campaign kicked off like a storm

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The holidays are a time to bring people together and throughout all of these campaigns we have seen that. Having the proper marketing team and proper marketing plan is very important because the holidays are a great time to bring people to your organization. If you would like to hear how your organization can bring in more customers this holiday season or if you have any questions for our marketing staff, please feel free to give us a call today. Our number is (630) 773-4402 and let them know you were reading our holiday campaign blog! Happy Holidays!