6 Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Website


Are you noticing a lull in the traffic coming into your website? Maybe your company is just starting up and you need to gain some ground in building your customer base. Luckily, there are many different tactics you can follow to increase your audience.

  1. Define your target audience. This will help you to know who you actually want and who is most likely to visit your website.
  2. Add social sharing buttons to your website! This will easily allow visitors to re-post content from your site, allowing others to link to that page, thus building your site’s traffic.
  3. Allow your audience to ask questions on your website. Chances are, if one person has a question about your products and services, someone else does too! Having an FAQ page can enable your customers to clear up any issues and uncertainties prior to the purchase of the product or service.
  4. Eliminate website errors. Don’t give your visitors any reason to lose trust or respect in your company. A clean, well run site informs customers with clean, error free design.
  5. Set up a Digital marketing campaign. Directly engage your potential customers to interact with your website.
  6. Create an email blast campaign. These can be filled with new announcements, products/services, or simply quick tips centered around your industry.

One last note – always be sure to conduct research on the market you are looking to target. Know everything you possibly can about your market. Need assistance? Give us a call at 630-773-4402 or send us an email at [email protected]!