Five Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Using Live Chat

Live chat is a unique feature that can easily be added to your existing website and marketing plan. Below are five excellent reasons to begin using live chat today.

  1. Increases sales. With live chat, customers can ask questions and receive immediate responses back, eliminating any potential delay of purchases. 77% of online shoppers want to contact a real person before buying.*
  2. Convenience. Build strong relationships with your clients. Customers appreciate consulting a service representative when questions arise on a company’s products or services. Addressing any potential concerns prior to purchase can build ROI and encourage customers to return to the site again.
  3. Transcript data improves customer service. If a problem arises, it can be resolved quickly which will improve the quality of your customer service team. Management can easily review these transcripts to help monitor employee-customer relations. This is also great for tracking sales based on the customer service experience.
  4. Live chat gets you leads. Live chat has proven to increase the conversion rate on websites by at least 5% when all other marketing tactics have been correctly implemented. Having a well-trained chat agent online can help acquire more customers during the most important part of the decision making process.
  5. Stand out from the competition. Given its uniqueness, live chat can be great to implement in your company’s site. This is especially great if your competition is lacking this direct and more personalizing feature. Customers are three times more likely to buy when using live chat.**

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*According to Marketing Tech Blog ** According to the American Marketing Association