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Advertising on the Move

Out-of-Home (OOH) Marketing allows you to reach your target audience in a creative and impactful way, outside of their home or office environment, while they are on the move. This form of advertising has been around for decades, but it continues to evolve and do very well in the modern world.


One widely used form of OOH Marketing includes Billboard ads. These eye-catching displays are strategically placed along highways, roads and other high-traffic areas to capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians. With their large size and bold graphics, billboards are a great way to raise brand awareness and promote products or services. The most popular billboard is a bulletin, which ensures maximum exposure to traffic on expressways, highways, and primary roads. Bulletins are commonly used as a directional to reach long-distance travelers, pointing them to the nearest locations for restaurants, lodging, and fuel.

Bus Shelters

Another widely used form of OOH Marketing includes bus shelters. A bus shelter is a curb-side structure located along bus stop routes. Bus shelters can be in both urban and rural areas and hold a variety of messages. This advertising can be seen by a wide array of consumers, as they are walking by or even waiting for the bus to arrive.

Some more examples of commonly used forms of OOH Marketing include the following:

  • Subway/Train Cars
  • Airport Terminals
  • Subway/Train Stations
  • Bus Stations
  • Bench Ads
  • Mobile Billboards
  • etc.

All in all, OOH Marketing is a great way to advertise your company because it gives you the ability to reach your target audience on the move. This type of advertising is highly visible and cannot be turned off or ignored like traditional forms of media, such as television commercials or print ads. By using creative visuals and the right placement, Out-of-Home Marketing can effectively communicate your message to potential customers who are passing by.

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