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The Benefit of Adhesive Exclusives

Grab customer attention while they grab their food! Each of these exclusive products encourage customer return and build guest counts. They offer the unique ability to interact with the customer as soon as they receive their food!

These exclusives include Bag Hangers®, Box Toppers™, Cup Stickys™, and Bag Seals. Each of these adhesives offers their own perks, and when they are combined, it assures your customers are well informed of any deals or events you have coming up! Something’s that you can do with these items are promote coupon deals, products highlights, promote limited time offers, upcoming activities, and more! The possibilities are endless.

Bag Hangers® are 4″ X 6″ in size, and offer the ability to reinforce point of purchase messaging and build effectiveness by holding attention and interaction. They can even be pre applied to make it easier on your staff members!

Box Toppers™ are 3″ X 3″ in size, and tempt customers with eye catching messages. They can be applied to sandwich boxes, pizza boxes, wrapped foods, and more!

Cup Stickys™ are 2.5″ X 3″ in size, and inspire customer interaction by advertising current deals, upcoming events, new menu items and more! Get your message notices with this hard to miss placement.

And lastly, Bag Seals are 2″ X 3″ in size, and provide customers the added security of ensuring their food is not being touched, especially when being delivered. Each seal can be applied before it leaves the counter, both carrying a message and conveniently sealing the food in the bag.

Adhesive products are a cost-effective way to market promotions or advertise special events. They provide the ability to draw attention from customers in an easy and effective manner. Adhesive exclusives can be used for anything from introducing new menu items, highlighting seasonal specials, or even just for a simple greeting.

An adhesive exclusive is an excellent way to maximize brand visibility in any restaurant setting. Whether it’s being used on the exterior of a to-go bag, inside a box, or as a hanger from the handle – these products make sure that your message will be seen! They are also easy and fast to produce, so you can get your message out quickly.

Adhesive exclusives are an effective way to promote any business, and they make sure that your brand voice is heard loud and clear! Are you ready to get started? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help take your marketing efforts up a notch with adhesive exclusives.