5 Ways to Be More Productive at Work

Many people struggle with being productive at work. Being productive doesn’t always mean working harder, usually it means working smarter. Improve your productivity by implementing the tips below!


Set small goals

Instead of writing, “finish project” on your To Do list, try breaking the job into smaller increments. Large projects may seem overwhelming but breaking these down into smaller tasks will seem more manageable. You’ll be able to cross off more on your To Do list and feel more in control of the situation.


Create self-imposed deadlines

Many find it hard to focus and complete a task if there is no deadline. If you find yourself in this situation give yourself a deadline. Manageable levels of self-imposed stress can be useful by giving you focus.


Stop multitasking

You may think that multitasking is helping you get more done, but you’re more likely to make mistakes and miss important details. Instead, focus on only one task at a time. This will also help you complete each task faster.


Take small breaks

No one can stay focused for 8 hours straight. Breaks can help you recharge. Keep breaks structured and deliberate and they will help you stay productive through the work day.


Know your noise threshold

Some people are able to focus while listening to music while others need absolute silence. Know what works best for you and the task at hand. Trying using different types of music for certain tasks, like classical when answering emails or upbeat when writing reports. Many people also like listening to podcasts when working.

Do you have any tips for staying productive at work? Let us know in the comments below.