Points to Keep in Mind When Creating Email Blasts

Does your company send out email blasts? Whether you send them out weekly, monthly or not at all, we have compiled a list of interesting and helpful facts for you and your colleagues to be mindful of when sending email blasts out.
According to an Experian report, 54% of all emails are viewed on a mobile device. That being said, it’s important to be sure the design of the email works for both mobile and desktop viewing. Oftentimes, people do not want to read lengthy messages on their phone. Create simple, bold links to take customers to additional information.
Is your subject line catchy enough? Think of how many emails you get a day and how quick you are to delete them. If you have a subject line that breaks away from those commonly seen, then you are more likely to entice customers to build a high click through rate. There are many different suggestions on which subject lines are good to use. What it really comes down to is who your target audience is and what you are emailing them about.
Which day do you normally send out email blasts? Would you believe Monday email blasts have the highest ROI while emails sent out on Friday have a higher click through rate? According to Experian data, it’s true! If you know your target audience, selecting the time to send your email blast where customers are most likely to open it could be crucial.
Keeping the visual design of your email blast clean and orderly is incredibly important. Part of this goes back to the first point in this blog about viewing on a mobile device. Regardless of where the email is viewed, a messy, unorganized design will reflect poorly on your business and will be confusing for customers to take in information.
Always test out your email blasts ahead of time and do not rush to send it out. A stressful send out can lead to potential mistakes and decrease your company’s credibility. And of course measure your results! This will allow you to see what’s working and what features could use improvements.
Hopefully this brief guide can function as a good kickstart to your email blast creating career! As always, please feel free to contact Media Monkey for any questions and/or to schedule a meeting with our team to see how we can build a great email campaign for your company!