Media Monkey's Trip to China

Media Monkey introduced Glasses Free 3D earlier this year and they were able to visit the plant that the product is made in China. Media Monkey is the only distributor of this product in the America’s. You may have seen what the Glasses Free 3D products look like from our website but here is what you haven’t seen: the pictures from our trip!
It was a great experience for our team frochina-picturem the culture shock they experienced as well as the energy that they felt. After a 14-hour flight they were able to see where our products were being produced. Media Monkey was able to see a big chunk of China and while there was some down time, they were able to see how far our products and our clients are across the world.china-blog-pic
McDonalds’s has been a client of Media Monkey’s for years and as Media Monkey travels they like to see their friends along the way. They even stopped at a McDonald’s to see what it was like in China. No matter what the culture is surrounding a McDonald’s, it always is nice to see a familiar look when being so far away from home. Seeing the golden arches was something that made our team feel right at home. But the food definitely didn’t remind them of home. The picture is a Macha Frappe and some macaroons that are offered in the restaurants. Isn’t that neat?
As Media Monkey adds additions to its products, they like to see the process from beginning to end, even if it means traveling all across the world. We take pride in our company and all that is associate with it. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Media Monkey and where it takes us.