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Bag Hangers vs. Flyers

Have you ever wondered what the best way to advertise your business may be? Let’s face it, flyers can be easily blown away or thrown in the trash. That’s why investing in bag hangers is a must. Bag hangers are made of long lasting materials that have a strong adhesive backing, so they won’t come off the bag too easily. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them being thrown out like with flyers, as they’ll stay put on your customers’ bags. Plus, their small size makes them even more discreet and effective. Bag hangers get seen by your potential customers in all the right places – inside restaurants, peoples homes when they order take out, or even on the street while passing by. When compared to flyers that are easily overlooked or tossed out, bag hangers provide a much better bang for your buck! So if you want to make sure your message sticks, choose bag hangers over flyers!

When customers order their food and reach into the bag, they are more concerned about their order than they are a piece of paper floating inside. With bag hangers, that problem is eliminated. Because the bag hanger is adhered to the outside, customers are more likely to see them and pause to read your message before continuing to the food inside.

However, there are still benefits to flyers that should’t be forgotten. For one, they can act as a reminder. When a customer takes the flyer home with them, and then reads it in comfort of their own home, there’s a higher chance that they’ll remember your message better than if they’d just seen it for a few seconds on the street.

Both flyers and bag hangers have their own pros and cons, but when it comes down to it, the adhesive backing of bag hangers makes them a much better choice for getting your message to customers. Bag hangers are more visible, less likely to be overlooked or ignored, and they stick around longer! So if you’re looking for a way to advertise your business, choose bag hangers and make sure your message sticks.

Need help getting started? Media Monkey offers a wide range of both bag hanger and flyer options to fit your business needs. Contact us today and get your message out there!

Happy Advertising!