5 Ways to Improve Your Business' Facebook Page

Launching a Facebook page for your company can open doors to over 1.8 million users around the world. It has features that allow customers to not only be able to interact with your company but also leaves reviews and share posts whenever, wherever. This sounds like an ideal way to get your business up and running! Yet, days after adding your information and hitting that “create” button you still find little to no engagement. Is the problem you? Is it Facebook?
Don’t worry, its neither. Unless you are a well-established company operating on a global scale, it will take time before you get hundreds of likes! But here are a few tips to help you reach your goals:
1) Quality vs. Quantity
The unique algorithm behind individual’s newsfeed reflects Facebook’s priority in showing people what they want to see. A survey conducted by Facebook found that what people don’t want to see is an excessive amount of posts that are too promotional.  
What to do: Begin by ensuring you have a high-quality profile and banner photo and make sure it is representative of your brand. Make sure to also fill out your “About” page with as much detail as possible, in order to give your customer’s as much information as possible. Then, put effort and time into the content you are posting. Rather than just promoting your business and product, promote who you are as a company and create posts that engage your customers.
Tip #1: Find out what your customer’s interests are and make relevant posts reflecting those interests. Check comments, conversations and track “likes” to find out what your customers enjoy seeing, then run with it.
Tip #2: Plan out monthly campaigns! Check out competitor’s pages to get an idea of what works well with your audience.
Tip# 3: Look into User-Generated-Content. What better way to build customer trust and generate leads than letting them hear from other customers.
2) Stay Updated
Outdated information can be just as detrimental as misleading information. Make sure your Facebook page stays consistent with changes in your business, whether it be location or branding. New customers are quick to lose trust when given even slightly wrong information.
Things to do: Update your “About” page as soon as a change is made. Don’t be afraid to also periodically audit and cleanse your page of posts with outdated or irrelevant information.
3) Boost Visibility
How do you get likes when no one knows about your page? This can be one of the most time-consuming steps to starting a new social media page, but putting the effort in immediately can pay off in the long run, sooner.
Tip #1: Post consistently, at least once a day, and create a content calendar to help plan it all out. Just don’t post excessively or followers might get annoyed.
Tip #2: Include links or plug-in buttons to your Facebook page at the bottom of e-mail blasts, e-mail signatures and website pages.
Tip #3: Cross-link social media sites. Share a post made on Facebook on Twitter and vice-versa. Or create a post that promotes one social media site on another such as “Like Us on Facebook“.
4) Be Responsive


If you want to see growth in your follower count, make sure you can take care of the ones you already have. Periodically check on comments and messages to see if any of your customers have questions and concerns, and make sure to answer them in a timely manner. It also doesn’t hurt to throw a friendly response here and there to the positive feedback you receive.
Customers become more loyal when they know it’s not a robot on the other side of the screen.
5) Time and Hard Work
Unless you want to buy your likes (which you could) it will take time and continuous effort to get your page running with the other runners. Companies buy likes to create a sense of following for their posts. Users who notice a post with over a hundred likes tend to pay attention to it and like it as well. But for those who don’t have room in their budget to buy likes, follow the four steps above and you’ll be reaching your goals before you know it!
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