Bag Hangers®

A Bag Hanger is a visual marketing piece that customers receive with a to-go bag. Bag Hangers are applied to the exterior of paper bags, automatically becoming more visible and interactive than a bag stuffer. The most effective messaging is on the bag – In a case study we performed, groups of individuals were given an quick service restaurant meal, one group was given bags with bag stuffers, while others were given bags with the Bag Hanger attached. Only 4-7% of individuals interacted with the bag stuffer while 100% interacted with the Bag Hanger. Media Monkey Bag Hangers are available in sizes 4”x6”(our most popular size), 3”x4”, and 3.5”x8.5”. They can be custom designed by promoting products or services of your choice!

  • Specs
  • Patent pending technology
  • Bag Hangers can be pre-applied
  • Strongly reinforces POP messaging
  • Builds effectiveness by commanding attention and interaction
  • Encourages bounce backs and builds guest counts by including coupon offers and by highlighting products, events, and other programs.
  • Subscription orders are available!

How to apply bag hangers

STEP 1. Peel off a bag hanger from the pad.

STEP 2. Insert bag hanger behind the bottom flap of the bag.

STEP 3. Press down firmly along the top of the bag hanger to secure the adhesive strip to the bag

STEP 4. Your bag is Ready to be used and given to guest.