Passes and Applications

Passes & Passbooks

Using Pass & Passbook

Customers scan a QR code from a printed advertisement, poster, website, social media, etc.
This allows them to add your pass to their mobile device.
Notifications can now be presented with a full color image to your customers directly through the lock screen of their device.
We can also set a location like the local mall as a trigger for a notification.
When a customer passes this locations and/or a certain time or date, a notification is then displayed on the customer’s mobile device so that they can view the updated pass on their phone.

Anatomy of a Pass

Logo and company name

A customizable strip for local offers

Customizable text for local offers

A QR code so that pass users can share with their family and friends


Sharing a Pass

There are many methods to spread passes to your customers. Some of the easier methods include:

  • Sharing a URL on social media or via an email campaign so that the customer can download the pass directly
  • Posting a QR code on social media or printed materials so that a customer can scan the QR code with their phone and download the pass.
  • Viral sharing via the pass. A shareable QR code can also be used on the pass to allow the customer to share the pass with their family and friends.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications are becoming more and more common for businesses of all types and sizes. Applications are useful for gathering consumer information so that a business can learn how to better market to their customers.

An application can also offer the consumer a direct line of communication to the business for the purpose of purchases, scheduling appointments, managing an account with the business and provide many other services for business and consumer interaction. Applications can also be used to send the consumer time/date and location based notifications.

Proximity & Time Notifications

Passes and Applications both offer the capability to send customers notifications based upon their location or time of day. Applications can offer a more personalized experience to these notifications while passes can be used for a broader audience.

Time based notifications can be set so that a customer is automatically notified at a certain date or time of a particular offer, coupon, promotion, or other useful information

Location based notifications allow you to notify your customers when they have arrived or are passing through a specific location. This location can be determined with GPS or with beacons.

For example, a clothing store at a mall may have sent a customer a rewards coupon through the mobile application. And as the expiration date approaches, the application can notify the user of the expiration date to encourage the customer coming into the store. Or if the store is offering a promotion and the customer is already coincidentally at the mall, the application can detect this and notify the user in order to encourage them to visit the store.