Live Chat

Media Monkey can help you put the power of live chat on your website.  Instead of getting a customer’s contact information when they call or visit your business, you can now capture their information when they are ready to make a purchase. Many people are concerned with using a traditional “Contact Us” form. They fear that by entering their information into the form they may end up receiving spam in their email or annoying telemarketer calls.  By using live chat, a customer can now interact with a customer service representative in real time.

Live chat has proven to increase the conversion rate on websites by at least 5% when all other marketing tactics have been correctly implemented.  Quite simply, live chat gets you leads.  Having a well trained chat agent online can help acquire more customers during the most important part of the decision making process.  A well trained chat agent will be able to answer basic questions for your customers and also collect lead information through casual conversation. After the conversation is completed, a complete transcript is forwarded to you so that your sales team can easily contact the customer to complete the sale.

Live chat can also transfer a customer on live chat to your own customer service representative during your work day. So that your customer service representative can answer more advanced questions, complete scheduling or complete a transaction with a customer.

We have three ways of implementing our live chat service:

Option 1

You can BYOC (Bring Your Own Customer service representative). With this service we will integrate a live chat program into your existing or new website so that your Customer Service Representative (C.S.R) can interact with your customers while they are at the office. Your C.S.R. will be able to communicate the most current information about your company to the customer.

This option provides the ability to better serve the customer by allowing real time scheduling and ordering.  Additionally, your C.S.R. may be able to answer more complicated/technical questions or aid the customer in troubleshooting.  This option is online whenever your C.S.R. is available to talk to your customers.

Option 2

We can provide you with online chat agents that will work around the clock to help your customer’s with questions and problems 24/7.  We will work with you to develop a script for the chat agents with some of the most commonly asked questions or problems so that they are fully trained to help your customers just like you would. This option takes the burden of being online off your shoulders.

Option 3

If you would prefer to BYOC and have the ability of 24/7 chat on your website, we can combine Option 1 and Option 2. With this option your employee will answer all customers’ questions during business hours and our chat agents will take over for them in the evening so that a customer is never left out.

Contact us today so that we can tell you more about live chat and the other services we provide to help grow your company. Or if you would prefer ask our fantastic C.S.R. in the corner of your screen to have one of our awesome representatives call you today!