Hybrid Direct Mail

Don’t throw your budget away on wasteful mail routes. Target only those who are most likely to use your products and services!


Standard Direct Mail

Saturation Mailing mails to the entire town.[/col2][col2]

Hybrid Mail

Only mails neighborhoods with highest potential to purchase products and services.


Direct mail is a fundamental part to any marketing campaign if you wish to grow your customer base.  It is the easiest way get your name into the home’s of your potential customers.  Unfortunately, with standard direct mail saturation or EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) you are mailing every single customer in a town, even those customers that you don’t do not want your product or services.  This is problematic because you could have used those cards to better reach your entire target market instead of just a small saturated area that only half of the households would ever be interested in what you have to offer.

Media Monkey has worked long and hard and with the help of the United States Postal Service, developed a system to correctly send direct mail to your potential customers.  Hybrid Mail uses patented, proprietary systems to look into your customer history and determine who is buying your products or services.  With this information the hybrid mail system can then look into cities, towns and neighborhoods and determine areas that are dense with the perfect customers for your business.  The hybrid mail system uses accumulated reports from multiple sources such USPS, the United States Consensus and many other private data collection agencies.  This method allows for the combined data to really “paint a picture” of your ideal customer, so that the hybrid mail system can then target those customers more efficiently.

The hybrid mail system has consistently proven a 6% and greater conversion rate with established businesses proving to be a stronger return on your investment than the traditional saturation direct mail system that every other direct mail company provides.  Traditional saturation direct mail only achieves between .5-1% conversion rates.  This means hybrid direct mail performs over 600% better than traditional saturation direct mail.

Once we have completed mailing your future customers, it is best to follow up with them on another front.  The best option is to make sure they can find your website and be able to stay in front of them through their entire decision making process.  With regular follow up you are more likely to get that sale.  Strongest results have come from a combination of Hybrid Direct Mail, Digital Marketing online advertisements and a strong web presence through your website with regular SEO maintenance and  social networks such as Google, Facebook & Twitter.

How Hybrid Mail Works

Step 1 – Your Data

Your data is imported to the Hybrid Mail system database.  Here it is categorized and prioritized based on the type or quality of the customer and the recent purchases they have made.

Step 2 – Who is buying from you

The Hybrid System then pulls from the most recent aggregated reports available to determine the characteristics of your current customer base.  And through a series of patented proprietary algorithms we are able to determine and calculate who is buying from you and why.  We can then take this information to look for additional customers that fit the same criteria.  This way, determining who it is that is buying from you and who will buy from you in the future.

Step 3 – Mail your future customers

Media Monkey is then able to take this criteria and send mail to your future customers.  This system dramatically reduces waste mail going to customers that have no interest in your products and/or services so that you can mail more customers that would be interested, thus dramatically increasing your return on investment.