Direct Marketing

A company’s success relies on its marketing plan. With one of Media Monkey’s effective step-by-step plans, your company can achieve its marketing goals and maximize potential profits. Media Monkey is here to provide our clients with a plan to achieve maximum growth by target marketing potential customers near them that are most likely to buy. With the help of our talented designers, Media Monkey will create advertisements over multiple media platforms that will meet and exceed your company’s needs. We have divided our marketing plans into three sections for your company to choose from in order to effectively advertise to your customers.

Direct MailDirectMail_BrokenGlass2

Direct mail is an advertising option that goes straight to the customer’s home. These mail pieces are designed to catch a consumer’s eye from the moment they pick up their mail. Media Monkey’s direct mail options are meant to attract the attention and build a positive connection between your brand and potential consumers.


We thrive on creative print solutions. Broaden your audience through the many forms of print media. Media Monkey can customize company letterheads and envelopes, produce a company magazine to keep your customers up-to-date. The possibilities are endless!

bigstock-Digital-Marketing-Doodle-Eleme-52158745 [Converted]Digital

Media Monkey’s digital option will allow your company to reach new customers through the Internet, social media networks & mobile devices. Our goal is to help your company take the steps to reach out to new customers through platforms they interact with daily.