Call Tracking

Call Tracking - Customer Calling

There are many methods of marketing today, and many different ways of tracking your marketing results.  Some methods will return more accurate information, such as online, website analytics.  While other methods, such as asking, “where did you hear about us?” will yield much less accurate results.  This is where call tracking comes into play.  Call tracking can automatically record information for every phone call that comes into your business.

How Call Tracking Works

Call tracking works by assigning a dedicated phone number to each piece of your marketing material. All calls that come in to your business’s main phone number are then forwarded.  There is no training customer service representatives to find out where a customer heard about your business and you will receive consistent results.

Best results come from assigning a different phone number to each piece of marketing material that you have.  For a typical business there might be 3 phone numbers: one for your website, one for postcards, and one for a billboard.  When a customer then calls your postcard phone number you will know that the call came from the postcard because the call date, time, caller’s number, etc. will all be recorded into a secure database for your postcard’s dedicated phone number.

Additionally, the call tracking system can record all calls that come through the system.  With call recording you can determine if a call had become a sale or just an inquiry that never went any further.  This information can then be used to calculate your conversion rate more effectively.  You can also use call recording for training and quality control purposes for your customer service representatives.

Benefits of Call Trackingscreenshot2

  • Number of calls – You can receive detailed reports about the number of calls you receive.
  • Call duration – Find out which of your marketing strategies provide longer, better calls that are more likely to result in sales.
  • Time of day– Find out what time of day your company receives the most calls and the largest percentage of conversions.
  • Location – Find out what neighborhoods are currently buying from you, to better target future ad campaigns.
  • Conversions – Track the number of conversions you achieve from each marketing campaign to gain a better understanding of how to most wisely spend your marketing budget.

Installing Call Tracking

Media Monkey’s Call Tracking system is entirely cloud based, meaning there is no hardware or software installation required.  If you need call tracking for your business we take care of the entire setup. Then we provide you with the call tracking numbers for your marketing materials along with credentials so that you can log into our cloud based call tracking portal and view your reports.  Contact us today and we can get you set up to better track your marketing conversion rates.