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The History of Business Cards

Historically, the start of business cards dates back to around 15th century China. They were used by the wealthy merchant class to showcase their family heritage and their social positions. Since paper was rather expensive at the time, these cards often featured intricate designs featuring gold-leafed details and other symbols of wealth.

These days, the business card business is still a very important part of networking yourself. Whether you choose a classic style business card or something a little more modern and unique, your business card should be a good reflection of who you are, what you stand for, and what you do for a living.

There is now an endless amount of options for you to create your own customized card that will make a long lasting impression. Some of which include qr codes, cut outs, fun pops of colors, and fun unique designs. With the right design, your business card can be more than just a piece of paper – it can be a powerful tool for networking yourself or your company. Don’t let your business card blend in with the rest, leave your mark on it and make sure you are remembered!

The next time you find yourself networking, dont be afraid to offer up a business card. Especially because a great card can mean the difference between making an impression or not being remembered. Make sure yours stands out from the rest and you’ll be ready to start networking!

We hope you now have a better understanding of the history and importance of business cards. Whether you choose to keep it traditional or go for something more modern, just make sure your card reflects who you are and what you do. With great design comes even greater connections – so make sure you’re ready to make an excellent impression!

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