Tasked with Cold Calling? Prep Beforehand with These Strategies!

If the thought of cold calling prospective clients terrifies you, this is the blog post for you! Below you will find several pre- and post-call tactics to ease your nerves. It turns out, the more you know about your potential client, the easier the call will become, and the more likely you will be to get client meetings.

  1. Plan ahead – Know who you are going to be calling, their job title, company, and their social media profile. Prepare a set of questions and remember that you will not ask all clients the same questions. Google search and search on LinkedIn for additional information on the client.
  2. Find a personal connection – This can occur as a result of your prior research or when you are on the phone. Building a connection can enhance and create a positive dynamic between the company you represent and your prospective client.
  3. Take detailed notes and organized records – It’s important to know who you called and what was discussed. This will help keep track of how many calls result in meetings and assist with follow-up calls.
  4. Have a clear objective for all calls – You want to make good use of both your time and your client’s time. The client will appreciate it and it will allow you more time for research and calls.

Ultimately, creating a positive experience for the client is the goal. Memorable chats can enhance your company’s reputation and lead to further networking and client meetings. Needing assistance? Media Monkey offers marketing consulting. Give us a call at (630) 773-4402 or send us an email at [email protected]!