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Internet Marketing

Media Monkey is capable of providing you with all of the resources to make your online advertisements successful. With our internet marketing solutions, we will develop a thriving online presence for your company.

Marketing Plans

Having difficulty developing a marketing strategy? Media Monkey offers customized marketing plans based upon your needs, field, and target market. Contact us today to get started on a new marketing plan custom developed for your company.


Media Monkey also offers consulting services. Let our team of consulting experts lead you to business opportunities and assist your company in making all the right choices.

Printed Materials

Printed materials are still a valuable part of any marketing campaign.  Media Monkey is capable of handling any scale printing job, small or large does not matter as we are ready.

Direct Mail

Even today, when everyone has access to a computer, direct mail remains one of the strongest advertising methods, providing you a way of getting your advertising into your customer's homes and into their hands.

Mobile Marketing

The ability to target market your customers, based upon their current geographic location, accurate to 3 feet.  Our mobile marketing campaigns will put your advertising message into the palm of your customers' hand in real time.

Anticipating your needs


Exceeding your expectations

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Increase Sales by Establishing an Online Presence

Increase Sales by Establishing an Online Presence

In today’s world, the Internet is all knowing and all-powerful, and for millennials, it’s a massive Magic 8 Ball to...

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