Media Monkey Celebrates the Chicago Cubs World Series Victory at the Parade in Downtown Chicago!


The curse is over! Afmedia-monkey-cubster 108 years of waiting, our Cubbies have won the World Series! Our Itasca office was able to go and be a part of the celebration on Friday November 4th. Our team packed on the Metra and went down to see all the festivities. It is important that Media Monkey works together as a team in the office, and as a team we got be a part of history. According to ABC7 Chicago news, there were about 5 million people in attendance. This made the event the 7th largest gathering in human history. The parade had fans of all ages and one thing was for sure, it was a great time to be a Cubs fan. Whether you have been a Cubs fan your whole life or just started watching when the post season started, it was a great season and a great time to be in Chicago. Media Monkey congratulates the Chicago Cubs and was honored to be a part of the day downtown. While we all have to go back to work and reality sets in, it was an amazing experience to see a town come together is such a way that Chicago did. GO CUBS GO!
Wrigley Field,the home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team is shown in this view taken on 4/2/11,one day after the season opener.