Introducing Glasses-Free 3D!


3DFixedTerminal2What if we told you that you could experience 3D videos without the use of glasses? Would you believe it? Now you can! Media Monkey is proud to offer lenticular, glasses-free 3D printing and video displays! We are incredibly excited to present these new marketing products to our current and future customers. Read our post below for a more in-depth description of what these unique new products can do for your business!


Lenticular printing allows your ads to appear 3D without the use of glasses. Your image can show depth or even appear as though it’s moving. This is a great way to show how your product works or even to show different messages depending on where the viewer is standing. There are different effects that can be created using lenticular printing, the most common are: Flip-flop, zoom, motion, and depth. Click here for more terminology information. Curious what this printing technique can be used for? We have lots of ideas! Printed graphics, signs and banners, posters, stickers, packaging, brochures, POP and POS solutions, direct mail, and more!


With Media Monkey 3D (using glasses free 3D capabilities) parts of your image literally seem to be leaping off the screen. It gives a realistic view of your image that goes beyond what is captured in traditional 2D. The use of Glasses-Free 3D Displays engages your audience in a more impactful way and increases viewing time by 44%. Our displays come in a variety of sizes and can be even be used to create a media wall (combining up to 9 video displays). Curious what this video display technique can be used for? We have lots of ideas! How about videos, ads, end cap displays, kiosks, posters, menu displays, and more!