How to be Effective on Social Media

Social media is more than launching accounts and hoping for followers. It is consistently maintaining your company’s public image, while ensuring relevant content and information.

Did you know almost 60% of the world’s population is on social media? That’s about 4.5 billion… yes, billion… people you have the opportunity to reach online.

So, how can your company do this effectively? What tips and tricks are important when it comes to social media? Keep reading to find out!

Be consistent.

If you only post occasionally, it decreases the likelihood of your content reaching those who do, and even don’t, follow you. The perfect rule of thumb is to post once per day. Avoid spamming followers with multiple posts a day. More information is not always better. Find the right balance.

Use hashtags.

Hashtags are put into place to expose your content to a wider audience. Use them! You can even put them at the end of your post so they don’t interfere with the content’s main message. Be sure to choose hashtags that apply to your post to boost the quality of those seeing it.

Use analytics to your advantage.

Facebook specifically has business insights that show relevant data for your posts. They show you when your followers are online, the reach of your posts, your page engagement, and more.

Use these insights to determine when you should be posting and what type of content your followers interact with most. This will benefit your page long-term!

Use visuals!

Not just any visuals, good, descriptive visuals. Choose bright images, add creative elements, incorporate eye-catching text… These are all important elements to a strong visual. Make sure it tells a story and is clear in getting the message across.

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