3D Intelligent Display Solution with portrait mode display and unprecedented FHD resolution in both 2D and glasses-free3D are available as 43″ (109.22 cm) Professional 4k 3D Display and 65″ (165 cm) Professional 4k 3D Display

Our Glass Free 3D technology allows your ads to appear 3D without the use of glasses. Your image can show depth or even appear as if it is moving. This is a great way to show how your product works or even to show different messages depending on where the viewer is standing. There are different effects that can be created using lenticular printing, the most common are: Flip-flop, zoom, motion, and depth.

Glasses Free 3D

This is the most popular use of lenticular printing and how we create a glasses free 3D experience for your customers. Your left eye sees one part of the image and your right eye sees another, giving the image depth. With this effect parts of your image literally seem to be coming off the page. Using this method of printing gives a realistic view of your image that is not captured in traditional 2D prints.

An example of this method of printing is shown on the left. Can you believe that, that’s only printed on a piece of plastic! The top image is showing the finished product and the animated image is showing the 3D effect. It is very difficult to capture this technology and show it off on your 2 dimensional computer screen. This is really a product that you must see in person to believe this amazing effect. Contact us today for an opportunity to see glasses free 3D in person.

Additional Effects

Although it could be used many ways, flip-flop is commonly used as a before and after. Two images can be joined so that a viewer sees one image while standing in one place and another image when they move. For example: a company that makes stain remover, can show an image of a shirt with a huge stain. When the viewer moves the stain disappears, just like it would when the stain remover is used.


This can give movement to your piece. It can show a customer walking into your store or your company’s vehicle driving down a street.


This can be used to really focus on a specific aspect of an image. The images are joined so that a viewer sees the whole image and then it appears to zoom in on one part of the photo. This can also be used so that the image appears to zoom towards the viewer. For example: a girl can be holding a can of soda and it will “zoom” in on the can of soda.



Media Monkey can use Glasses Free 3D printing on a variety of sizes. Monitors are also available to display 3D images and videos. Lenticular printing brings messages to life. By having a 3D or moving image, your display will stand out even when it is among many other images. Having your lenticular print back lit is not necessary but it does give your image an extra pop.

3D Printed Images

  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Flips
  • Bookmarks
  • and much more!

Increases viewing time
LED backlight
Completely customizable sizing
Available in bright colors & black and white
Nearly all images can be converted
No minimum order quantity
Call or email for a quote

Regular 2D material…3D-Flat …that does THIS! 

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