Digital Tools

Media Monkey has created a collection of exclusive tools to help aid in your business’ everyday tasks. Many of these tools can be loaded onto a tablet, smart phone or laptop. Others are add-ons to your current systems to aid in your business’ success and assist in everyday operations.

Media Monkey Exclusive Tools

Hosting over 12k users, Hazcom places safety knowledge in the palm of your hand. This all-inclusive, cross-platform, mobile application offers a simple interface, making it easy to find information quickly. It also offers the added benefit of replacing your current Hazcom sheets, eliminating paper waste, and keeping your employees up to date on all available Safety Data Sheets.

Media Monkey TV™  

Create an engaging environment for store to store communications, staff, customers, and the community. Generate touchless updates providing timely content and communications. Video streaming is also available through CrewCastthat will help strengthen messaging. 

Other Monkey Tools