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What To Expect

As an experienced web design company, we believe in building powerful, well-developed sites, that convey your brand message and fit your company needs to drives your business forward. Our team works hard to create beautiful user friendly designs that guide visitors toward their end goal. We focus on website development, web design, content management, web and mobile applications, whatever your need, Media Monkey will work with you to determine the right fit for your company.


Our servers are set up with a redundant fail-over network infrastructure providing continuous uptime.


We develop and host all websites with the mind-set that PCI compliance is a necessity for all e-commerce.  We make sure that the safety and security of all our clients and their customers come first, no matter what.


All our hosting packages are custom tailored to each client and fully scalable to make sure that your speed and hosting requirements are met for your current needs but provide room for growth.

A Sampling of

OUR Web Solutions

Web Design & Development

An integral part of business is website design and development. Your website creates a digital experience for your customers, making it an essential component of your marketing and business strategy. If done correctly, a good website builds trust with your customers.

In order to engage customers, a website must provide an excellent user experience. Much like a physical store, it needs to be clean and engaging, with simple navigation that guides the customer through the decision-making process and, in the end, increases sales. 

Custom Web Design

Looking for a brand ambassador, look no further. Your website should be the very breath of your company and that is why our custom website design process begins with brand research. After we understand your brand inside and out, we begin moving forward onto appearance (colors, font, and images used), layout (how information is structured), and, in some cases, content of a website. We know that a good website is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, focused on the target market, and is cohesive to the brand. 

Mobile Development

There are currently over 4 million apps available for download, so it makes sense that your app will have to stand out if you want the masses to download it. In the end, it all comes down to app development.

Our developers and designers can create an app from scratch or revamp an existing app. We are here to assist in developing the perfect application for your business. Our 7 step process assures you are getting what you are looking for and that everything runs smoothly, without any hiccups. We will even monitor it to ensure it offers a boost in your business.

Web Tools


Statistics show that 80% of the U.S. population is shopping online, it is predicted that by the end of 2022, it will be a trillion dollar industry.

Our team of experts are here to help you evaluate sales and create an e-commerce site that is scaleable, flexible, and easy to manage. Each page will be developed from the first touch point with the user all the way to shipping confirmation.

Live Chat

Greet customers with real-time chat assistance with Live Chat. Having a well-trained chat agent can help acquire more customers during the most important part of the decision-making process. Agents greet, exchange messages, answer basic questions, collect useful information, and email your sales team the transcripts. They can even transfer customers to live service representatives during operational hours.

The Digital Pass

Free customers from the burden of carrying a number of cards, coupons, or flyers by offering a digital pass.  What is a digital pass you may ask? A digital pass uses our unique encryption and decryption algorithms to present a scannable code to a mobile device. This technique displays your information to customers in an easy to use and convenient way.