Media Monkey is Trending Today

MEDIA MONKEY IS: Trending Today, a segment on Fox Business, celebrates innovative entrepreneurship. Each week, a spotlight is placed on selected individuals and/or businesses featuring the latest technologies, trends,
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How to be Effective on Social Media

Social media is more than launching accounts and hoping for followers. It is consistently maintaining your company’s public image, while ensuring relevant content and information. Did you know almost
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3 Ways to Use the Internet to Your Advantage

In the world of marketing, we view the Internet as a tool. It makes it easy to get your company’s name out there, and provide a valuable resource for
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5 Signs of a Good Website

We know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that’s not always true when it comes to your website. In the year of 2021, your website
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All-in-One Pack Out Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your marketing materials all in one place, all at the same time? As a one-stop shop, Media Monkey® gives our clients the option
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Mobile Marketing in the Year of 2021

What is Mobile Marketing and why is it so important, especially in the year of 2021? Mobile Marketing is a technique used to target customers on their mobile devices,
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Direct Mail: Hybrid vs. Traditional

Marketing methods that better target your customers while saving time and money all at the same time? That’s where Media Monkey®’s Hybrid Direct Mail services come in. Let’s start
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3 “Outside the Box” Advertisements

When it comes to standing out while marketing your business, creativity is key. How do you stay creative in a world of advertising, when almost everything has been done?
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Shock Value: Does It Work?

What is “shock value” and how does it work? Shock value in advertising startles, surprises, or offends the audience to either draw publicity or drive success for a campaign.
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Amusing Marketing Tactics – Impressive or Ineffective?

Do some companies take creativity a little too far? Over the years, businesses have launched marketing campaigns that make waves across the industry. Whether they push a play on
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