8 Communication Skills EVERY Business Person Should Know!

Communication is incredibly important when it comes to being at work. You not only need to be professional but you also need to get your points across to people in the best way possible. The best corporate communicators have been able to put lists upon lists of what the best way to communicate is and here are the top 8 tips that will bring YOU the most success.

  1. If you aren’t an active listener here is why you should be!Network Networking Communicate Communication Connection Concept

Being an active listener means that you are giving your FULL attention to the person speaking to you. You can give feedback on what they are coming to you for and then confirm what it is what they are wanting from you. Nothing is worse than going to a co-worker for help and knowing that they have not been listening to your questions.

  1. They are good at reading body language and can control their own.

Non-verbal communication is one form of communication that is often forgotten about. Most professionals will read your body language before you even begin to speak and that is how they will judge you or your product. You need to be aware of your body language and try to control what it is you are saying with your body. Once you understand the signs you can give off, you will then be able to read others and know what they are saying before a word is even spoken.

  1. Being very specific will put you ahead of the communication game.

Great communicators aren’t great because they have a theatrical appeal to the way they talk. What makes them great is the way they persuade you with detail. If you have the facts, you can easily point out advantages and this can make you a great communicator.

  1. They have control of the tone of their voice.

One of the biggest problems with miscommunication is when people fail to use a proper tone in their voice. The proper tone is key when you are working in a job that requires you to take charge vs a job that requires you to be supportive. The best of the best communicators have their tone under control and know when it is the best time to make adjustments to match the outcome that they want.

  1. They know that what’s being said isn’t always ALL that needs to be said.

Combining personal experience with the ability to read your customer’s body language you should keep a look out for when there is probably something not being said. Use your skills to get everything and anything out of your clients, coworkers, and bosses. We as humans, can’t read minds…yet!

  1. They have empathy and lots of it.

Being able to put yourself in someone else’s situation is a crucial key to being a good communicator. You don’t always have to agree but you have to be able to understand or TRY to understand where the person is coming from. You will get so much more respect from someone if you take a step back and ask about the situation. See where they are coming from and how they came to that conclusion about this particular action to take.

  1. You need to pay attention to EVERYTHING if you want to be a communicator

What do I mean by everything? Well you need to be able to pay attention to EVERY phone call you have coming in. For EVERY email, you need to be able to zone in on just the here and now of the email. When we have to communicate our thoughts and opinion on something, you need to be able to pay attention and be 100% dedicated to each specific thing you might be working on. WE all zone out at work or write an email to someone else while we are on the phone with a client. We are all trying to get all the things we need done in an 8-hour day but there is no excuse and just because it is understandable does not make it acceptable.

  1. They are naturally curious.

Being a good communicator starts with asking the right questions. If you are not genuinely curious about your client’s situation and they BEST way that you can help, then it will be very easy for it to slip from your interest and you could lose the client.


Being a great communicator is something that is crucial for any businessperson to FULLY succeed in their job. If you aren’t good at these skills or aren’t sure if you are capable of it the best part is that they are learned behaviors and all you need is some practice. If you would like one on one help on how this will have YOUR business contact Media Monkey today at (630) 773-4402. CommunicationCommunication word cloud concept. Vector illustration on white is something that EVERYONE is capable of but not many master. Media Monkey can find a way to bring better communication into your business!

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